Level 42's Mark King - All I Want For Christmas Is You - 2009


Famous English Bass Player, aka Royal Thumbster, Mark King, of the jazz funk pop outfit LEVEL 42, shot a home video and covered a classic Christmas song for an American fan. This American fan sent several creative and original home videos to the band, she was pleading to the band for a tour of the USA, as it has been about 20 years since the band has performed in North America. It was a total surprise for the now delighted, yet ever determined fan, and a huge buzz among the band's US and International fanbase.

The track 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', mixed in with a heavy bass line from one of the band's classic albums. The American fan, stated on her FB page, "...i've always heard Mark was very generous with his fans. now we all really know it, for sure! He's made everyone really happy, and that's a really cool thing." Truly the actions of an Everyday Hero and of a dedicated fan of a band she loves so much. As for King, his kind and generous offering to a fan, could land his work all over the Internet and land on the top of the Christmas music charts!