Samba L.A.Chick Corea - Аудио


Tap Step is an album recorded by Chick Corea and released in 1980.

Chick Corea - Clavinet, OBX, Moog 55, Acoustic Piano, Minimoog, Rhodes, Fender Rhodes, Vocoder, Piano, Handclaps.
Gayle Moran - Vocals on Samba L.A. and The Embrace.
Flora Purim - Vocals on Samba L.A.
Shelby Flint - Vocals on Samba L.A.
Nani Villa Brunel - Vocals on Samba L.A.
Airto Moreira - Snare Drums, Tamborim, Whistle Drums, Pandero on Samba L.A. and Cuica on The Slide'.
Laudir Oliveira - Surdo, Agogo , Ganza, Tamborim on Samba L.A. and Agogo on The Slide.
Hubert Laws - Flute on The Embrace and Piccolo on Flamenco.
Bunny Brunnel - Fretless Bass on all tracks except Samba L. A., Yamaha 2000 on The Embrace.
Tom Brechtlein - Drums on all tracks except Samba L. A.
Don Alias - Congas on The Embrace, Magic Carpet and Lya drums on The Slide.
Al Vizzutti - Trumpets on The Embrace, Tap Step, Magic Carpet and Flugelhorn on The Embrace.
Joe Farrell - Tenor saxophone on Tap Step and Magic Carpet, Soprano saxophone on Flamenco.
Jamie Faunt - Piccolo bass on The Slide.
Stanley Clarke - Piccolo bass and Talk box on Grandpa Blues.
Joe Henderson - Tenor saxophone on Flamenco.